Carefluence platform applications

Community Hub

Platform for Community: Carefluence hosts a Community Hub for Hurley Medical Center. The Hurley community hub connects all the EMRs in an ambulatory setting to the hub and integrates them with their Inpatient EMR, Epic. They are exchanging clinical data with the community including admission, discharge and transfer messages, laboratory results, radiology studies and transcription documents.

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Incentive Program

Platform for Physician Incentive Program: Carefluence hosts a Community Hub for the Battle Creek, MI area. The idea is to enable physicians in Battle Creek to share their clinical data with a patient registry called Integrated Health Partners. The data submitted to the registry helps the physicians participate in the incentive programs.

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Native Interoperability

Platform for ISVs: EHR company, ModuleMD, embeds the Carefluence Platform within the ModuleMD EHR to enrich their interoperability in a defined Care Community boundary. The Carefluence platform's technology and productivity tools help the ModuleMD team quickly connect their customer's medical practices to labs, radiology facilities and hospitals.

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Patient Portal

Platform for Patients: The Carefluence platform aggregates patient data from all the connected facilities giving patients in the community access to all of their records from all facilities in one single portal.

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Mobile Platform

The Carefluence platform integrates with echoBase software to provide offline mobile application capability for interoperable mobile healthcare apps.

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The Carefluence platform can connect to any SMART on FHIR® application enhancing the value of the Carefluence Platform.

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